Welcome to HAPCO

Welcome to the website for the Haptic Interaction and Communication team (HAPCO).

Haptics has become a central component in various interfacing systems in which we need to access and interact physically with information. It covers applications going from medical simulations and teleoperation of remote robots, to the last developments in mobile devices and collaborative virtual environments.

Our research is devoted to study and developing haptic strategies for interaction with virtual and teleoperated environments, as well as with for human-human communication. It includes both technological developments and experimental studies. We are particularly interested in:

  • Teleoperation: micro and nano-manipulation, virtual fixtures, perception of remote objects.
  • Interaction with abstract environments and learning: characterization of complex environments (e.g., extraction of structures for CFD, detection of periodicity of dynamic systems), perception and haptization of abstract data (e.g., isosurface, vortex, force field), simultaneous perception of multiple data.
  • X-human communication and collaboration: affective communication, interpersonal communication, awareness in collaborative environments, inter-referential communication, collaborative metaphors, synchronous comanipulation of multiple constraints systems, interpresence systems.

The HAPCO is a part of the AMI group at the CNRS-LIMSI Lab.

Collaborative metaphors for selection and designation
Collaborative manipulation of molecular structures
Affective communication with virtual humans
Interpresence system for artistic platforms
Characterization of structures for CFD simulations
Learning of dynamic systems

last update 01/08/2012